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Measures to Improve Epilepsy

◆How to prevent seizures
To prevent brain charges from occurring, the narrowed or blocked brain sulcus can be repaired. However, this requires surgery, which is risky and expensive. One measure that can be taken by the patient is to change the quality of cerebral spinal fluid so that it can infiltrate deep into the narrowed or blocked sulci. One way to do this is to drink magnetically activated water. The advantages of this method are that it is simple, inexpensive, and safe. It can be performed on infants, dogs and cats, and there are no side effects at all.
Based on the experiences of 75 people of all ages and 8 dogs and cats who practiced this method in this study, it seems that drinking magnetically activated water gradually increases the infiltration of cerebral spinal fluid and allows it to reach just a little deeper into the narrowed brain sulcus. According to the testimonials, many people begin to notice the effect of the magnetically activated water about three months after they start drinking it.
◆Can be used in conjunction with modern medicine
Modern medical methods of epilepsy treatment do not stop electrical discharges in the brain. They inhibit the speed and extent to which the shock is transmitted to the surroundings after the discharge has occurred in the brain. This is achieved by changing the composition of substances in the brain through drugs, diet, or cannabis-derived substances. It is, however, essentially a slowing down of brain function.
In contrast, drinking magnetically activated water is a method of preventing brain electrification. The two can be used together because they work on different targets. In fact, the participants in this study simply changed their drinking water, while continuing their conventional treatment.
◆What is Magnetically Activated Water?
Water passed between magnets is called magnetically activated water.

The water does not come in contact with the magnets and the composition of the water does not change, but the properties of the water change and become slightly activated.
The water is not magnetized, but the structure of the water is slightly changed. The water that is passed through the apparatus can be tap water, well water, spring water, bottled water, or anything else.
◆The Properties of Magnetically Activated Water
The world’s research has shown that magnetically activated water has the following properties from a physical point of view.
(1) Surface tension is slightly lowered
(2) The crystal type of calcium that precipitates changes
Regarding (2), in 2000, there was a report from Dublin that when calcium in water precipitates, it mostly forms calcite crystals in ordinary water, whereas in magnetically activated water it mostly forms aragonite crystals, as shown below.

For calcium in water to precipitate and become crystals, calcium ions must swim and collect in the water. The attraction is considered to be electrical. The fact that the crystal form changes indicates that the electrical structure of the water is changing.
The study points to another important fact. It found that the effect of magnetism on water lasts for more than 200 hours (red underline). The fact that it has some duration is one of the reasons why magnetically activated water affects animal and plant life.
◆Easily penetrates into thin crevices
But property (1) is important with regard to epilepsy. A 2003 study at Hokkaido University, Japan found that magnetically activated water has a lower surface tension as below.

Use of magnetically treated water for food processing
Hokkaido University 2003
Magnetically activated water has better infiltration properties

When the surface tension of water is weakened, water can easily travel through the inner walls of small tubes, facilitating capillary action. For example, plants absorb water more easily, and spinach becomes crispy, as shown in the photo below.

Plants and cut flowers also become more vigorous. Tea and coffee will taste better because the extraction power is strengthened, and rice will be fluffy because the penetration power into rice is strengthened. These things can be easily verified at home.
◆Long-standing skin problems were resolved.
A woman in her 70s had a skin rash after using pesticides in her vegetable garden. She went to a hospital and applied medicines, but her skin did not get better and she had been troubled for years. However, after having a magnetic water activate apparatus installed in her house, she drank magnetically activated water and took a bath with it, and her skin was cured beautifully in about two months (see the figure below).

This is thought to be due to the fact that by bathing in magnetically activated water, the hot water infiltrated the skin well and removed waste materials and drug residues, and also from the inside, by drinking magnetically activated water, the flow of blood and lymph fluid improved, waste materials were removed, and cells were activated.
◆Cerebral spinal fluid infiltrates well into the cerebral sulcus.
The structure of the cerebral gyrus and sulci is similar to that of skin.

In the brain where epilepsy occurs, the sulci are narrowed and cerebral spinal fluid has difficulty penetrating deep into the sulci, resulting in poor grounding (left side of the figure). Physical measures are needed to repair the narrowing of the cerebral sulcus, but if the infiltration of cerebral spinal fluid is improved, it may infiltrate a little deeper into the sulcus and improve the grounding of the brain (right side of the figure). Originally, 99% of people are like the right side of the above figure, and brain electrification does not occur, but in about 1 in 100 people, it becomes like the left side of the figure by some chance. In this study, the change from the left side of the figure to the right side is considered to have occurred by drinking magnetically activated water.
◆Mild Shower
The author runs a company called Kenkanko, which manufactures and sells magnetic water activator called “Mild Shower (trade name). It is easy to use. If water is passed through it, the water becomes magnetically activated water.

Specifications of Mild Shower

2-part plastic outer shell, 5 colors, compatible pipe diameter 16mm (can be attached to shower hose), built-in neodymium magnet, magnetic flux 4300 gauss inside, magnetic force reduced by approx. 2% in 60 years (almost permanent)
Body diameter 90mm Body length 170mm Weight 650g
Attachment: Route, Storage can



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